“I am happy when S.T.A.R.S. comes to visit. I feel nice to see you and you bring fancy food.” Rosie (60)

“I feel happy when you come to visit.” Anina (95)

Stars light up the sky on a dark night, the darker the night the brighter they shine. They make the darkness meaningful and lift up one’s spirits and thoughts to higher things. They help you forget the darkness around and fill your soul with wonder at the beauty that God has created

A little group in Goa has had the same impact at the St Anthony’s Home for Boys, Agassaim. It was a dream of Mrs. Lushan Fernandes to help the children of the Home not just with material goods but with human relations and friendship to help bring back the joy of childhood and a smile to the tense and worried faces of the little boys who had already seen the seamier side of life and felt quite often that life was not worth living.

The members come with radiant smiles & boys eagerly wait to welcome them whole heartedly. The members have made a deep impact on the boys. The programme have been very meaningful lot of positive strokes brighten children’s faces knowing interacting with each boy and treating each one in a unique way makes the boys free and cheerful, open and come out of their shyness and help them to bloom and blossom. The programmes carried out are stories with morals, where the group discuss and draw up what they are touched with and what qualities they are going to take up for a week.

The boys being divided in groups + each have a leader who plays an important role to be responsible and accountable. They have learnt to be good leaders as the members have stressed on good manners, need of gracious living and generous giving these sessions have taught the boys to love, share, to see good in others, to appreciate, be concerned about others needs, to speak kindly and gently, to forgive acts of unkindness. Members/Volunteers have always been informative and interesting sessions with anecdotes stories lives of great heros etc….

They have a creative imagination and have helped our boys to be optimistic to look at the brighter side of theirs rather than be pessimistic to see the darker side of things. I must say that this group of volunteers are optimistic their life is a gift and an example for the boys. They have taught the boys to value time and to use it fruitfully. Have helped our boys too nurture their minds with great thoughts and to think positively. They have helped them to realise that they are the captains of their ship and they have to plan the course of their life.

Each time the group has come with some useful items needed for the activities as well as for the boys, they have collected from the community items needed for the Home and bring them along. Some of these items included Stationery, Books, sports material footballs, skipping ropes, cricket set badminton sets etc. They also brought sweets, biscuits, fruits, medicines, multi vitamins, calcium, Horlicks, milk, bournvita collected from various Pharmacies to support the health of the boys.

We are in a special way thankful to the Lord for this invaluable service rendered. We appreciate the deep love and generous contributions made but above all the genuine concern for our boy’s welfare demonstrated by regular and punctual visits which have also earned our great admiration and appreciation.” Sister Mary Jane SFN (St. John Home for Boys)



T – TO




Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude

Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness


Today we are grateful to God almighty for helping us in our mission through different sources. In a special way we would like to acknowledge the amazing work done by the GROUP OF STARS to change the lives of the people in need. We have been delighted to have them for our boys to our convent once a month for the last two years. They have been the source of inspiration to our boys as they conduct different activities such as giving them moral values through stories, organizing games, tips on yoga and more of all we are happy to see them giving time and level of interest for our boys.

STARS as you complete your two years of service to the needy brethren we wish you God countless blessing. May the good work you have began may be blessed by God abundantly. We wish each member the grace they stand in need of. May you and your family be blessed is our humble pray for you.


You shine so bright,

You give your light,

To those in plight.

By your kind service,

You help the needy,

To grow up slow and steady.


STARS: Spending Time And Reaping Smiles

 The very name of this Group – “STARS”-  helps me to lift my eyes to the sky. The STARS are there during the day and night as well, but, they catches the glimpse of one’s eyes at night and one wonders with “awe” for the marvels of our Creator.

I, Sr. Soraya Alemao Fhic, working with the Inmates at St. John of God Convent, Old Goa, would like to share some beautiful, inspiring and thought provoking deeds of this particular Group ”STARS” under the Foundress Mrs. Lushan Sequeira  Fernandes.

Each member of this Group are like the Stars in the sky, who by their dedicated and self-sacrificing spirit, brings Smiles on the faces of Senior Citizens at our home,  just by being with  and listening to them. Each time they visit our home, the members come out with various activities like – sing songs and dance, games, painting their nails, which in turn makes them feel young, loved and cared for.  Vows! Christmas Time,  parties, Games  and gifts brought personally for each one by Santa Claus

Every month as  they visit our home, the Group, takes care to bring some delicious mouth watering goodies to all. They also conscientise benefactors to look beyond and to be generous enough to contribute. The members are Mothers, Wives and Teachers, meaning people who ought to be busy, yet they see that they make themselves available to shine like STARS in   the midst of our Elderly, which conveys to them that nothing has ended, but there is more for Life.

Another important act of kindness on their part is that the arrangement made to bring Dr. Fenton D’Souza from Vintage Hospital, Panjim, who sees to the well-being of the Inmates, meaning free medical Check-up, whenever it is possible, which  makes them feel strong and energetic back again.

I am restricted  to be brief, but one could go on and on speaking about their good work carried with great love and  responsibility. As this Group completes two years of Spending Time And Reaping Smiles, we the Sisters along with the Inmates wish God’s Choicest Blessings on their wonderful work and their families. May they be empowered to work zealously, to bring smiles in the lives of many. 

Sr. Maria Soraya Alemao.fhic

Convent of St. John of God

Old Goa” 

Bubbling  joy and services of Stars Group

It gives me a great pleasure to write these few lines about the STARS  GROUP, which suddenly started shining brightly from 13th July 2013 under the patronage of Ms Lushan  Sequeira Fernandes.

As I look back for  the last two years when the Stars Group started visiting  our Home for the Elderly ,  they came with a specially package of songs , games, listening attitude, interacting with them and also serving delicious pastries  and cakes, which brought  joy and satisfaction to our  senior citizens.   The bubbling Joy did not stop here, it continues till today.  Every month the group  members visits the elderly in our home  with different surprises  such as Jokes, comedy, painting their nails with bright colours and also doing the postmen duty  and so on. 

This great act of Charity will not be forgotten by the elderly who eagerly waits to meet these cheerful faces, who brings Joy and colour to their days. 

With grateful heart I also  take this  opportunity   to thank the Stars group for providing the doctor’s services to our institution. 

Having an experience in health services I do understand how difficult it is to make an appointment with a doctor for the elderly home services.  I do appreciate the efforts that they put in  and makes it possible to get the doctor for general medical check up.  With great Joy and enthusiasm along with the doctor the members renders their helping hands to   the  bedridden  inmates  in their rooms.  The Elderly are very happy and satisfied to receive the doctor’s touch.

The love, care and  concern of   the members  towards the    elderly   and our institution is amazing.  What makes one to wonder is that having families and children, they sets  time aside to bring joy and happiness in the lives of elderly and giving them a ray of hope to live. 

May these stars continue  shining brightly on the  pathway of those  who are   in darkness. 

May the good Lord bless all the members of the STARS GROUP and their families. 

Sr. Fatima Dias  FHIC

Mother superior,

Convent of St. John of God

Old Goa.”   

“I like when you come because it makes me happy. I like the juice and sweets you bring.” Alison (6 years, Class I)

“STARS group makes me happy. I like your visits because you give us chocolates.” Pratik Amdik (7 years, Class II)

“I like you all because you share your things with us. I also like you because you give us food, biscuits, cold drinks, and cake. I love you very much because you are very kind to us.” Pravin Bhatt (9 years, Class IV)

“I like the five STARS because we enjoy eating the snacks you bring. I like you coming here to talk with us. Thank you for coming here and telling us good things. Thank you for loving so nicely. Thank you five STARS.” Aswin Lakada (9 years, Class IV)

“STARS group makes me happy. I like your visits because you bring cake.” Darshan Naik (7 years, Class II)

“I like it when STARS come to visit us because it’s a lot of fun.  I like the games. Thank you for coming to visit us and bringing food and gifts.” Glen Fernandes (8 years, Class III)

“I like STARS because you bring sweets and play games and we have fun.” Eviton Pereira (6 years, Class II)

“I enjoy when you come because you bring sweets and cake.” Lloyd (7 years, Class II)