Past projects

We set up music speakers in the aged home so everyone could listen to music including the bedridden which could serve as means to cheer them up and break the monotony of their days.

We had successful medical camps for the aged where they got their eyes examined, and a dental camp where they got their oral health taken care of. They were given free spectacles with their respective prescriptions.

We organized Arts and craft workshop for children to explore their artistic skills. Grooming and etiquette workshops for underprivileged teens to help them groom themselves and be presentable.

The Joy of giving week (2nd to 8th October 2016) took children from seven children’s homes for the movie “MS Dhoni” to motivate them and teach them not to give up on their dreams. We took the aged for a picnic to Bambolim Beach Resort to give them a day out by the sea. We had games, and a buffet lunch organised for them at the venue.

The Joy of Giving week (2nd to 8th October 2017) we encouraged everyone to appreciate street cleaners, rag pickers, and laborers by giving them a juice on a hot day. We also conducted a food commodity drive to encourage more people to give to the less fortunate especially from the poorer areas who struggle to make ends meet.

STARS musical evening, held on 17th December 2017,  to encourage children to keep the Christmas spirit alive and sing carols. This was also meant to help build their confidence by showcasing their talent. This event was put together by like-minded individuals who volunteer and give up their time to dedicate in spreading joy. We brought the aged from Providearia in and around Panjim to the venue so that they could enjoy an evening of music and entertainment by children. This was the highlight of the event for STARS knowing that they added a little more happiness in the lives of people who needed a little extra love and care.

Present projects

Medical Help

Doctor’s visit to St. John of God Aged Home.

Physiotherapy and consultation to underpriveledged handicapped children/people.

Skill Training

Currently STARS is conducting football coaching classes for the boys of MBBS and St. Anthony’s Boy’s Home.

Dance classes for the children of Peace Haven School for Special Children and home for the blind.

Zumba for the ladies in St. Mother Teresa’s Home in Carmulim.

Helping Hands – As we grow we would like to widen our reach and help the underprivileged, single mothers, struggling families by giving out monthly rations, and commodities one requires for sustenance for a month.

STARS Scholarship – We would like to help young adults by motivating them with funds to pursue their further education or take up a professional skill they can accomplish and have a bright, secure future.

Counselling – Everyone needs someone to talk to and a lot of the children and old folks we encounter have no one. We thought we would reach out to them in the form of counselling. This will help them get over their depression, inadequacies, and other mental and emotional problems they might be coping with. Currently STARS does group counselling with HIV children to help them cope with the challenges they face