Joyous July!

July is always an exciting month for the STARS team. We completed five wonderful years of Spending Time and Reaping Smiles and have begun another year of reaching out to the aged, orphans, and underprivileged. Five years down the line we have grown in strength, and reach. This month is extra special because we relaunched our logo in a new colour scheme.

STARS is ready to kick off the new academic year with a wider reach, more programs, and more ways to help the lonely and downtrodden.

This year we have introduced the STARS Scholarship programme where children will be given an opportunity to pursue their higher education and follow their dreams.

STARS has also started reaching out to single mothers and helping them with monthly food rations along with other basic necessities.

Zumba classes for the ladies and young boys to help them stay active.

Dance classes at Peace Haven have continued.

Football coaching for the boys at MBBS will be continuing again for this year since the boys love it and enjoy their coaching classes.

We’re looking forward to another year of spreading joy and helping people.

We’ve had an exciting month celebrating our anniversary in all the homes we visited with the wonderful people we’ve grown to love.

July In A Nutshell


STARS visited Serra Old Aged Home in Altinho for the first time this month, and of course, it was our first fifth anniversary celebration.  This time we took music along. There’s nothing like good music to cheer the lonely.

The Singing Duo Kevin and Savio entertained the lovely ladies with their music.

Some of the ladies remembered us from two years ago when we took them for a picnic to Bambolim Beach Resort. We got a warm welcome from them.

This visit was all about singing, dancing, talking to them, finding out what they like to do and what help they would like to get from us.

It turns out that these lovely ladies love reading magazines and doing needlework.

We have added these two hobbies to our mission and would like to start collecting magazines for them so they can have a little entertainment while staying abreast of the times.

As for the needlework, we’ve put on our thinking caps for this one!


STARS is happy that the boys are back from their long Summer break. We’re all set to start the new academic year.

Our anniversary visit to the boys’ home is extremely exciting for them and for us. We get to celebrate our fifth year with a group of boys we have grown to love and who love us right back in return.

These visits are something we look forward to knowing that our visits mean a lot to the boys.

We started the visit with Daphne, and Martina singing with the boys and Martina taught the boys a few action songs.

We then conducted a game of tambola which the boys enjoyed. This was followed by Passing the hat. The boys received chocolates as prizes which of course every participant received.

It was then time to cut the cake that was given by Neesha from Cakes by Neesha. Daphne sang Happy Anniversary which the boys joined in merrily.

Lushan, Angelo, Clelia, Tashina, and Aneesh distributed sandwiches, juice, cake, and chips.  We feel truly blessed to have had a chance to share our joy with these beautiful children.


STARS visited Mother Teresa’s home in Carambolim. These lovely ladies look forward to our monthly visits.

We celebrated our fifth anniversary here with this happy bunch.

We have Zumba classes for them so that they get a little exercise and have fun too because dancing is bound to make anyone happy.

The Zumba session was led by Zes, Joe Dias and Lunelle one of the Zumba volunteers.

Dancing makes everyone happy and these ladies got off their seats and danced. Of course, we had to join in the fun too.

No one wanted the dancing to end but vigorous exercise does build up a healthy appetite and who can resist delectable snacks?

Rachel, Neysa, Lushan, and Mona distributed snacks and juice.

The visit ended with a little more socialising and promises to visit again, soon!


Our last visit of the month and our final anniversary celebration was at St. John of God
Home for the aged. Mornings spent here are always special but this visit was extra special. It was one of the places we visited right from the start. The bonds formed and trust built has truly been one of the most uplifting experiences for us.

Today we had wonderful live music from Savio and Kevin. The lovely ladies were in their element singing and dancing.

We had a nail painting sessions that involved all our volunteers, Lavina, Lushan, Charmaine, Mona and her daughter Saina who Saina celebrated her fourth  birthday here, Crystal, Ruella, Karen, and Marie.

After the sing-song session and nail painting were over, the ladies enjoyed snacks. It was a happy and successful end to July.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog.