About Our Founder


Thank you for taking the time to check out our website. I am the Founder of STARS and I would like to share a small part of my journey with you that inspired me to start an NGO.

My name is Lushan Sequeira Fernandes. I used to be a Cabin Crew with Jet Airways based in Mumbai. Later, I joined Gulfair in Bahrain. After my flying career, I was an aviation trainer with FrankFinn and a value education trainer with People Pro. When I am not working or busy with my daily routine I love taking the time to indulge in travelling, exploring new places, trying different cuisines, meeting people, learning about new cultures and lifestyles.

I grew up in a loving and generous home, and my family would make frequent visits to children and aged homes. It was then that I realized the joy gained from helping others is more soul-satisfying than anything else. It was an accumulation of these heartwarming visits that was the guiding force in creating STARS, a platform where others can volunteer and reach out to underprivileged children and adults, and experience the joy of giving.

Initially, we had to spend time in different homes to understand the children and the needs of the aged. Patiently, we created a bond in order to be welcomed and treated like family. Today, I can confidently say that we are the family they long to see. The way they look forward to our visits is an uplifting feeling that encourages us to strengthen our bonds and widen our reach.

STARS always strives to add value to every visit and to improve the lives of the ones we visit through various activities like football coaching, dance training and Zumba sessions in underprivileged children homes.

We have medical checkups or counselling sessions at the Aged homes. Sometimes we spend time with them, cheering them up with games, a live band, painting their nails or massaging their aches and pains away.

We are currently helping underprivileged children through a STARS Scholarship program. We also focus on helping handicapped children to develop their talents or teach them skills to help become independent and earn for themselves.

I fervently hope to get more people to help us in this noble cause as I truly believe that we can make a bigger difference together!