S.T.A.R.S. - Spending Time and Reaping Smiles


Spending time and reaping smiles, forging lasting relationships.


Create a sense of belonging, Inspire through activities
Help the underprivileged.

About Stars

STARS (Spending Time And Reaping Smiles) was conceptualized and formed in July
2013. We are a registered NGO who is focused on visiting aged homes and children’s homes every month to create an essence of love and belonging. We also believe in the importance of bridging the gap between organizations and professionals who yearn to make a difference and ameliorate the lives of the underprivileged in our society.

We identify the various segments of society like single mothers struggling to make ends meet, underprivileged children needing education, needing to improve their talents, channelizing their energy, by providing them with the assistance they require to achieve their goals to secure their future through our helping hands project. We give them hope for a brighter future.

STARS is an NGO with a difference as we work on need basis and collaborate with professionals/organizations, as we strongly believe that when we work together we can make a big difference, and bring about a positive change to people’s lives!

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Media Coverage


Slide "This Testimonial is to appreciate STARS (Spending Time And Reaping Smiles) for the fantastic humanitarian community service projects they have been doing from time to time. We at Rotary Club of Panjim Riviera partnered with STARS for various service projects in 2016-2017 for underprivileged children and old age homes. We wish them all success in future endeavours in reaching out to the needy & deserving in our society." Raja Melwani
(President 2016-2017, Rotary Club Of Panjim Riviera. )
Slide "I am very proud to associate myself with STARS!!! I volunteered for STARS on 2 occasions when they visited the aged home. The joy I experienced was beyond anything I´d ever felt! The inmates give you such uninhibited love and affection that it can get overwhelming at times. STARS have taught me a lifelong lesson - The joy of spending time and reaping smiles!!!" Lisel Britto Furtado
(Stars Volunteer)
Slide “I have been working with the stars team for a year and I am amazed to see their hard work and passion towards the community. I appreciate the fact that they want to help children develop their talents be it dance or sport in order to make them more confident and meet the artistic way of looking at life. They are a great bunch of people. All the best to STARS!” GLAVAN D’MELLO
(Dance O Philia Director)
Slide “I am in a special way thankful for their invaluable service rendered. I appreciate the deep love and genuine concern for our boy’s welfare demonstrated by regular and punctual visits which have earned my great admiration and appreciation. May God bless STARS and may it grow from strength to strength and be with you all in all that you do!” SR MARY JANE
(St Anthony’s boys home, Agacaim)
Slide “I never had the privilege of visiting a home before and I must say it was the most enjoyable and wonderful experience of my life. Thank you STARS for giving me this opportunity & will definitely like to be part of your visits again. God bless & keep up the great work!” Rachael Albuquerque
(STARS volunteer)
Slide “Some stars only remain in the sky but this group of STARS have come down & spreading joy & light in the lives of all!” I was present for their 4th anniversary celebration at the aged home and must say these STARS shine the brightest, Congrats & best wishes!” GIRISH RODRICKS
(DGM- Mahindra & Mahindra Financial services ltd)


Our schedule is planned in advance and will be updated and posted every three months to help our volunteers organise their time to be present for the visits. STARS volunteers are very motivated and passionate about what they do and love working in a team to bring about a bigger impact. We would like to encourage and welcome everyone to join us in our endeavour in spending time and reaping smiles. If you would like to be a STARS volunteer and help us make a difference, send us a message and we will tell you how you can be part of our team.


A company, organisation, club, or group has a choice to select a project or multiple projects he would like to be a part of thus forming an alliance with STARS. This can be done monetarily, pooling in talents or resources. Donations from companies/organisations/clubs that amount to minimum Rs-12,000 per year or contributes to STARS projects amounting to the said amount can opt to have their logo on our STARS Alliance tab and a link to their website. We at STARS are dedicated in analyzing the needs for the less fortunate, your contributions helps us in providing the underprivileged with things that can better their quality of life, helps us organise more programs for children that can enrich their growing years and help them be better citizens of our country.


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